Welcoming Baby Home!

Tips For Welcoming a New Baby in the Family


The hard part is over! You have carried your little baby in the womb for the longest nine months of your life. You have survived the mood swings and the cravings.

Even more, you have struggled through the labor and conquered the pain. You have been able to successfully deliver your bouncing baby girl or baby girl.

And for that, I say, bravo! The next task now is welcoming the little angel in your family in style and let them be permanently part of your family. It may not be that easy especially if there is an elder child in the family.



The first most important thing to do if you already have another toddler in the family is to reassure them. Make them feel that even if there is a new baby coming into the family, they are still valued and treasured. Most parents, especially moms, tend to give a lot of attention to the new baby, making the other kids feel left out. I agree it’s normal and it can be tempting. But just ensure that it’s not too obvious to the other toddler or kids that you don’t have time for them anymore. If this happens, it may be a source of jealousy between the siblings, which is definitely not a very good thing. So even before the new baby arrives in the home, have a talk with your other kids and reassure them that even if there is another one coming, you will still be there for them and not much will change.


When welcoming your newborn home, make sure that it has all that is required. It’s important to have all the baby’s belonging in order. Make sure the baby’s room is well furnished and is very clean and neat. Hygiene should be highly observed once a new baby gets into the family. This is because the newborns are highly vulnerable to infections. So, make sure the conditions are perfect when bringing the new baby home.


You can have a small welcoming party for the baby. Most families will want to welcome a new baby by throwing a party. This can be a good idea as it unites the entire family as they all join hands to welcome the new member. It does not necessarily need to be a very big party. You can just prepare one in the house or at the backyard. You choose whether to have family members only or to invite a few close friends. This will be a good platform for those with gifts for the baby to present them. You can even have a cake to color the party! Pictures of this day can be kept commemorating the beautiful arrival of the new one.

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Make sure everyone in the family gets to spend time with the baby and is welcoming. For moms, especially the first-time moms, the feeling of not wanting to let go of the baby for even one second can be overwhelming. But come on, don’t be selfish. Let everyone in the family have time to spend with the new family member. Let them hold the baby and rock it to sleep. You can even share the baby’s responsibility to make it fun.


Dad can be the one to change the baby’s diapers and the small kid in the family can put on the baby’s socks! You can also fold the baby’s clothes together with your other elder kids so that everyone feels involved. You can also sit around the baby and sing it a sweet lullaby as the entire family! How beautiful is that!  Welcoming the new baby to the family will also extend to taking care of the mom. As a family, when the mom has finally brought the new baby from hospital to you, it’s your duty to also help the mom recover. Hold the baby for the mom so that she can get some rest. It can be hard for the mom to do some chores especially if she has had a C-section.

So it will be a kind gesture to help around. As a mom, remember that you also need to rest and stay healthy currently. Therefore, let the entire family get involved so you can also have some time alone.

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