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Twenty Five Ideas To Keep Kids Busy Over Holiday Break

As much as the holidays provide parents with a great time to bond with their children, it might be very difficult to keep them entertained.Boredom usually sets in after a few days and they may even start misbehaving.If your child or children are on a holiday break, here are some ways that you can use to entertain them.    

 1.Get Them In The Kitchen: Cooking is one of the things that your child will enjoy. Allow them to create recipes which they want and guide them how to cook or bake. Though the food might not be tasty, the experience will be worth it. 

2. Design Games Together: You can use paper, glue, cards, and toys among other items to create fun games. This can be a ladder, hoopla,paper-plane etc.   

3. Make a Garden Patch: set up a small miniature garden fort he kids. Let them plant vegetables, flowers, or herbs. If they are still young, simply hand them a spade and let them go loose. 

4. Play dough: playing dough is one game that’s considered a rite of passage for all children. You can use different scents and colors to create a dough that your child will fancy. There are numerous play dough recipes which you can find online. 

holiday break

 5.  Treasure hunt:create treasure maps which have clues of treasures hidden in the garden. Note that the treasures don’t need to be expensive items. It only needs to be something that your children will love. 

6. Painting: This is absolutely one of the best things which kids can do during the holidays. It allows them to express their creativity and thoughts. You can cover a specific area with paper or plastic and get them to paint. Note that you can remove the papers or plastics after they have finished.   

7. Playdates: organize play dates and invite their friends over. Spending time with other children will help them to socialize and connect. It also gives you a chance to form meaningful relationships with other parents. 

8. Go To a Library: The holidays don’t mean that learning has stopped. Take your kid to the local library. Expose them to new learning material. This will help to instill a reading culture in them.  

9. Go for Picnics: Note that you don’t need to go very far for picnics. You can do this in your own garden. Simply take your picnic basket or container and pack some few snacks and blankets. The outdoor atmosphere has a refreshing effect which your children will definitely love. 

10. Create a Music Playlist: There are new songs which are released by kids currently. Go to YouTube or other music apps and download songs which your kid love. Together, you can create an amazing playlist that they can sing or dance along.  

11.Organize a Dance Off: Using their playlist, you can invite their friends to a dance party. Allow them to dance and have fun till they drop. 

holiday break

12. Play Some Sports: There are numerous leisure centers which have sports utilities. Take them to learn new types of sports such as skiing, football, table tennis, trampolining etc.  

13. Go to The Local Cinemas: Having children around during the holidays is nice but they can be too much when they are indoors. Take them to the local cinema where they can watch the latest kid’s film.  

14. Make a Movie: The evolution of technology means that you can now make your movie from home. You don’t have an expensive camera? Nice,use your smartphone. Get the children to create a movie of their favorite figures e.g. star wars, the Spiderman etc.  

15. Make Jewelry: Buy claps, wires, chains, and beads from your local shops and get them busy creating their own jewelry. 

16.Visit the Community Park or Museum: Most local parks and museums have free entry. If you sense boredom, take your children to parks where they play and interact with other kids. Museums also help them to learn about history and other interesting facts.  

17. Go camping: You don’t have to go far. If you have a tent,they can simply go camping in your garden. Give them some sheets and snacks and I promise you won’t be able to see them for many hours. 

18. Visit an Animal Shelter: if your child loves pets, take them to an animal shelter or a pet center. You can even buy them a pet to take home.  

19. Play Hide and Seek: Put your running shoes on and get your children to play hide and seek. They are going to have a blast, running and searching for you! 

20. Play Puzzle Games: They can do this on computers or tablets. Puzzle games are fun and time-consuming. It helps them to get occupied for hours and by the time they finish playing, they will be already tired. 

21. Cleaning Competition: children can be messy and untidy.To ensure that your house remains tidy even while they are on holiday, organize a cleaning competition and set a reward for the winner.

22. Create a Family Tree: This is an amazing and entertaining thing. It will help your children to know members of their family as well as their history. 

23. Go for Nature Walks: Go to the beach and collect a few stones and shells. Walk around your neighborhood and if there is a nearby forest, organize how you can take them there. It’s not only refreshing but they will be able to learn about different animals, trees, bugs etc.  

24. Holiday Diary: they can create a holiday dairy where they can write about daily events. This will keep them occupied for hours. Besides that, the diary will become an amazing memory book which they can look at in the future. 

25. Volunteering: well, the holidays aren’t just about having personal fun. Children need to be taught about volunteering at an early age and this is the perfect season. Get them to volunteer in the local communities and to give the less fortunate.

Happy Holidays!

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