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Top Five Christmas Movies For Children


Christmas is near and the movies are here! The festivities offer a welcomed break in the busy schedule of us parents and afford a great opportunity to kick up our feet and relax with a Christmas movie that the whole family can enjoy. While there are many excellent films out there, I’ve personally found the following titles to tickle my kids’ fancy the most.


1)  Home Alone

The 1990 “Home Alone” movie is one that I fondly remember as a notable Christmas highlight during my childhood days and it’s one that, fortunately, my little ones, and millions across the world if I might add, have loved as well. I’ve often wondered if it’s possible to forget your child at home the way you would a bunch of keys, but it’s understandable given the mad rush that characterizes this time of the year. That said, what’s not to love about the heroic tale of a young boy who taps into his inner trickster to outwit a handful of adult thieves and successfully reunite with the family who left him behind?

 2)  A Charlie Brown Christmas

A worthy custodian of the Peabody and Emmy awards, this Christmas classic is as timeless as it is enthralling and it is a constant fixture in our holiday TV itinerary. Based off a popular 1965 comic strip i.e. Peanuts, the plot is wonderfully crafted and revolves around a young Charlie Brown who is depressed in the midst of all the holiday cheer. His adventures with his friend Lucy, however, culminates in a happy ending where Charlie finally grasps the true meaning of the holiday season and thus his festive frown is turned upside down. Brings tears to our eyes every time!

3)  The Grinch

This a pretty new release that retells the popular narrative “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” quite splendidly. My husband and I took the kids to see the movie during its opening weekend and it would be an understatement to say that the little ones thoroughly enjoyed it. (Oh and so did we, very much so!). It features a much-welcomed injection of comedy but still retains the primary storyline of a conniving Grinch who aims to alleviate the holidays by stealing festive decorations. The graphics are endearingly well-done and it’s definitely one I’d recommend to anyone who loves a good Christmas fairytale.

4)  Frosty The Snowman

“Frosty The Snowman” is a rollercoaster of emotions that is sure to have the kids glued to the screen from start to finish. It is a 20th-century hit that follows the adventures of a couple of school children who accidentally bring to life a snowman- who they eventually name frosty- with the help of a magical hat. Unfortunately, the hat belongs to Professor Hinkle- the story’s antagonist- who’ll stop at nothing to get back what is his. The kids flee on a journey to the North Pole and just when all hope seems lost, Santa intervenes and brings back to life the puddle remains of their new-found friend culminating in a lovely curtain-closing parade scene that leaves you on a high. It gets a five out five in my book!

5)  The Polar Express  Christmas movie

Rounding off my top five is “The Polar Express”; a movie that gives the kids a front-row seat to a charming Christmas Journey aboard a magical train littered with legendary characters. The story encompasses a young boy who believes Santa not to be real but the ride to the North Pole shows him a whole new side to Christmas that has him believing. Definitely a good watch too!

And there you have it folks, some of the best holiday movies sure to spruce up your kids’ Christmas this or any other year. With a combination of invigorating adventure, infectious musicals and lovable characters, these movies are the very definition of the Christmas spirit.

This time of year is truly the most magical!

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell

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