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Top Books For New Moms

As a new mom, the first few months after the birth of my baby are still a blur. The constant worry about what to do and the exhaustion that comes with random tantrums are some of the things that I hadn’t prepared for fully. It’s a season that was marked by joy as well as lots of confusion. As much as friends and family turned out to be helpful, I had to learn to parent all by myself. But this wouldn’t be possible without the help of parenting books.

For a new mom like me, these books made it easier for me to navigate motherhood. The tips, techniques, and personal experiences in them not only provided valuable advice on parenting, but I was able to learn and laugh in between. Being a new mom can make you uneasy but there are books which can help you feel more confident. So, what are some of the best books for new moms?

1. What to Expect the First Year: Heidi Murkoff & Sharon Mazel

This is an amazing and wholesome book that answers all your questions about motherhood. What to Expect the First Year is like a bible to me. It has all the answers and I recommend it to all new moms. This book offers a month-to-month guide which features relatable information, realistic advice, and practical tips.

From sleeping patterns, care fundamentals, to feeding, What to Expect the First Year not only helps you to get started but also keeps going. Everything is covered in this book including weaning, sleep training, parenting guide, and baby gear among others. The well-organized book is intuitively organized to offer users the best parenting guide ever.

2. The Diaper-Free Baby: Christine Gross-Loh

The cost of purchasing diapers is one of the main causes of financial constraints for new moms. Newborns can poop over 12 times a day and they need new diapers every time because at this stage they are very sensitive. But can you imagine that it’s possible to raise your baby diaper-free? Well, Christine’s book offers deep insights about this.

The Diaper-Free Baby is an enlightening and progressive book. This book helps you learn how babies communicate using the elimination communication (EC) technique. EC helps you to learn and respond to your baby’s natural cues. With inspiring user reviews and practical tips, your baby can be diaper-free by the time they reach 15 months or less.

3. The Good Sleeper: Janet K. Kennedy

This is one of the best sleeping books which new moms find useful. The Good Sleeper offers practical, entertaining, and empowering tips to help new parents understand how infants sleep. I love this book because it contains all the basics of sleep and measures that can be applied for better sleep patterns and quality sleep.

Out of the numerous sleeping books that I have come across, the Good Sleeper is simply straightforward and refreshing. It’s perfectly detailed for exhausted parents who can catch a wink of sleep after bringing the new baby home.

4. The Wonder Weeks: Hetty van de Rijt & Frans Plooij

This is one of my all-time favorite parenting books because it based on discovery and science. The Wonder Weeks gives you the best and smart start. One of the things that most moms worry about is the mental growth of the baby. Using the Wonder Weeks helped to understand my baby’s mind and I was able to improve the bond I had with them. It offers a weekly guide about the baby’s behavior and when you can expect fussiness. Using the 3C’s, this book makes it possible to predict clinginess, crankiness, and crying.

The Wonder Weeks describes the world from the infant’s perspective and helps parents to understand what they are going through. Overall, it’s an amazing book that you can use to understand various magical leaps as well as the regression period which all babies must pass through.

5. You Can Two!: By Jennifer Bonicelli and Meghan Hertzfeldt

Parenting a newborn is overwhelming for most new moms. But what about twins? When it comes to twin parenting, You Can Two! Is a guide that makes you thrive. This book will provide you with the right preparation tips and practical strategies that will conquer all your fears.

This is a detailed twin-fancy book that helps expectant moms to gather the right gear for their babies and how to teach them to sleep and eat. You Can Two! also contains a planning toolkit with trackers, checklists, answers to common questions, and various to-do-lists. It’s an inspiring book that offers reassurance and improves your confidence as you take care of two heartbeats.

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