Five Part-Time Jobs For Mom’s

5 Part-Time Jobs For Mom’s

Going back to work, after having children, can provoke some anxiety and worry.  Trust me, I just went through the transition.  Being a working mother does not have to mean 40+ hours a week in an office building on someone’s time schedule.  More and more mothers are finding amazing careers and jobs that are flexible and can be done from anywhere.

When making the decision to work picking a part-time job that best fits your needs is important.  Consider your current skills, your passions, the amount of time you have and your motivation for finding a part-time job.  because there are sooo many part-time jobs to choose I rounded up five jobs that can offer flexible hours and provide mental and emotional stimulation.  And keep an eye out for two more posts coming on where to find part time positions and tips for transitioning back to working life.

So, without further ado here are FIVE great part-time jobs for mothers!




This is a great position and par-time endeavor for someone who is already super active, loves to help others reach their goals and enjoys personal relationships! Traditionally, these positions were for very aggressive fitness people but over the last several years this perception has changed.  In truth, there are many boutique studio gyms and a lot of bigger name brand gyms and there is always personal consulting… the list is large in terms of being a fitness instructor.  Another great benefit of being a fitness instructor is the inherent focus on health and wellness.  Additionally, you can pick almost any sort of fitness- think barre, yoga, Pilates, boot camp, cardio, weights, group fitness, pre-natal fitness… the list is long!  Often times becoming a fitness instructor does require training so look into what each specialties benchmarks are.


part-timeThis position can encompass so much that it lends itself to a perfect part-time position for moms.  Becoming a virtual assistant, normally, allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere.  Snuggle up on the couch and get to work- HA!  Additionally, I have found a lot of companies are flexible on the hours (times of day you work) which makes it ideal for busy moms.  Required skills normally include internet access, understanding of how to use the internet and effective communication skills (especially written).  Depending on the company additional skills may be required that are specific to the company’s needs.


part-timeA product tester is, maybe, the best part-time position for a mom.  This is essentially what it seems like in the title.  Believe it or not there are companies out there who will pay you to test their products.  So you get a product in the mail (normally for free) and you use it.  Then you get paid to provide constructive and honest feedback.  Companies want to make sure their products are performing at their best before they release to the public so they are willing to pay.  The types of products are many including baby supplies, children’s toys, beauty products and so many more.  This is great way to make some part-time income for moms who want new stuff!!


part-timeIf you love sharing your life, offering advice and connecting with people this could be the part-time job for you!  Blogging is not always easy but it is very rewarding.  As a blogger you get to express your opinion, provide tips and tricks to others and share your life!  There is a lot of work that goes into with writing posts, potentially taking photos, planning content, etc.  But building a community of mothers or women that are inspired by you is a great feeling.  Additionally, becoming a blogger offers an outlet for you to share and create; so this is a great part-time job for some one who loves to write.  Blogging can, over time and with hard work, bring in a steady and reliable income all done from the comfort of your own home.  Another great benefit of blogging is how flexible the hours are as you are the one who sets them.


part-timeReaders dream job!  I know as a mother I love to read- both to my child and for myself- so this sounds like the ideal part-time job to me!  Every city/county has a public library and the hours often co-inside with school times.  Making it great for mom’s with kiddos in school.  Think about all the wonderful knowledge you will be exposed to as you sort and stack books.  The appeal to move away from so much technology may be an attraction for some.  Being a librarian in you local neighborhood is a great way to get to know your community and establish great relationships.  Often times there is a simple and easy training involved when starting a position in a library.  Dream land awaits… seriously, I would love this part-time job.

Deciding you want to work part-time is the first step in the process.  Determining what you want to do is the next step.  These five choices offer flexibility, emotional and physical benefits, steady income and a chance to feel a part of a team.  In the next week you can expect to see a post on where to find great part-time work and then tips on how to get ready to go back to work.  Discovering a new passion or hidden talent can be so rewarding and a part-time job can be just the place to start.

Are you a part-time working mother??  Leave a comment letting us know what you do!

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell


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