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Time Management Tips For Busy Moms

Everybody is basically busy these days. But what if you are working mom? Raising children is already a demanding task by itself. But time becomes increasingly thin if you are a working mom. You become busy throughout, at home and in your workplace. However, even on the craziest days, the busiest moms like me will still find some room to breathe. But to ensure that I don’t end up feeling crazy most of the times, I learned how to manage my time. Below are some of the best time management tips which are not only effective but they have also been beneficial in helping me maintain sanity.

time management
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Get Organized/ Have a Schedule

Being organized will save you a lot of stress from a lost homework, forgotten assignments and other types of stress traps which are thrown on mommy’s face. It’s possible for a mother to be organized. I have a chart in my house and strategies on how I can effectively do each task. Your schedule needs to have attainable goals because if the to-do list is over-ambitious, it becomes useless. Also, make sure that you check your daily plans the previous evening to make possible amendments and necessary plans.

Be Flexible

While creating a schedule and having an idea of its contents is important, you need to keep your schedule flexible because a lot of unexpected things can happen. There are times when I am preparing a meal for my baby and they throw those random meltdowns. This means that I’ll have to abandon whatever I am doing and be there for them. Besides that, babies may fall sick unexpectedly or you may encounter an emergency at work. Being flexible will help you to navigate through all these things which can easily throw you off balance.

Avoid Multitasking

I have heard this phrase severally-“moms are the best multitaskers”. Multitasking has been termed severally as one of the most effective time management skills. In fact, it’s usually on top of the list of time management tips. But do you know how many tasks are left unfinished or end up getting completed inappropriately because of this? If you are a busy mom the best time management skill you should have is staying focused. For instance, if you are at work, stop worrying about what you will eat for dinner. People normally perform better when they give the task at hand all the attention. 

Let Go Of Perfection and Learn To Delegate

Most moms are known to be perfectionists. Well, I once tried and failed miserably. You want to leave the house after you have already prepared your young one’s meals, cleaned the house etc. However, perfection does not exist. You can’t achieve it no matter how long you toil. I have learned that all you need to be is practical. 

Learn to handle your responsibilities and delegate others to your spouse, children or colleagues. Delegating duties isn’t the same as defeat. Being a busy mom means that I have so much to do and so little time in my hands. However, to ensure that everything is done, I delegate minor duties to the kids while my partner can help in between. For instance, you can get the kids to pick up the toys, clean the dining table while you wash the utensils and your partner empties the dirt bins. 

Set a Time Routine

time management

Implementing an effective routine will save you from mental stress. I am not talking about waking up or going to sleep on time. Do you know that having a chore timetable or meal planning is important? You also need to set time for yourself and partner because you have personal needs that should be met. Although all these may sound “automated” to some people, once you have a time routine you’ll realize how it makes everything easier. The routine allows you to focus on one specific thing and clears your mind from unnecessary worry.

Learn to Say No

Learn to say no to your children, partner, other family members, and also associates. Moms normally receive requests that may seem worthy of their attention all the time. However, saying yes all the time not only leads to fatigue but it also leads to disappointment and time wastage. Once you are a mom, you are already busy. It’s therefore vital to understand what you should approve or disapprove. Do not spread your time thin until you have nothing for yourself. Demands are many, but get your priorities right.

Use Apps

Technology has made it possible and easier to manage them. There are numerous task applications that can help you manage time especially if you are busy. I have managed to utilize my time by using a mobile app for task management. All you need to do is to write down what you want to do and the time. You can even set a timer to determine the approximate duration of work. The benefit of using apps is that you can easily set reminders or alerts.

Time management is always a big concern for moms. In between helping the kids, doing household tasks, and meeting the demands of your workplace, a lot us don’t even find time for self-care. Many are just surviving by getting things done. The above-mentioned time management tips can easily take off a big chunk of your daily stress. You will be able to find time for yourself, family and meet your work deadlines.

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