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Ten Super Foods You Should Be Feeding Your Children

10 Super Foods for Kids

Being a parent is a whole new adventure. At times it can be scary, fun, or even unexpected. As mothers, we want the very best for our kids. We protect them and offer them the best care that we believe is what they need. Food is one of the basic needs that should be met. Knowing what kind of food to give your child is paramount.

What a child eats from his/her initial years plays a big role in how he/she turns out as an adult. Proper diet will help build your kid to be healthy and strong.

When feeding your kid, it is good to know what value that food is adding to your kids well being. Think about nutrition content and what the food is best known for. Also, think of any possible allergic reactions.

Having said that, there are foods that are beneficial to the growth and development of kids. Below is a compilation of super-foods that are great for kids.

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TOP 10 Super Foods LIST

1) Broccoli 
This vegetable is packed with goodness. It is rich in vitamin C. beta-carotene, folic acid, fiber and potassium. The best way to prepare it is to cut it into smaller manageable pieces according to your kids’ age. Then boil but not for too long. If you over boil it, you will kill half of its nutritional value. Broccoli helps in adding blood level in the body.

2) Eggs 
Eggs are rich in protein. The protein helps to build muscle in the body of your kids. It also contains vitamin D that aids the body to absorb calcium. Kids should eat eggs at breakfast to kick start their activity filled day.

3) Milk
Milk is a natural source of protein and a great super food. It contains calcium that aids in the development of bones. Kids should take at least two glasses of milk in a day. You can also decide to add milk to their food and cream as a dressing. Make sure to use pasteurized milk or boil the milk thoroughly to kill all the bacteria.

4) Banana 
Bananas contain natural sugar which is energy giving to kids. Bananas are best eaten before sports or any activity that will have your kid physically engaged. They are also rich in carbohydrates. You can make a banana smoothie and offer it to your kid.

5) Chicken 
Chicken is rich in protein and a healthier alternative when it comes to meat. The protein contained in chicken meat helps to build muscle. Chicken is versatile and there are numerous recipes on how to best cook it. It should be eaten as a main meal. Smaller kids should be given the boneless parts like chicken breast as it is more manageable and safer for them. Keep this great super food on hand for any dinner.

6) Fish 
Fish contains heart-healthy omega fats. these fats help to boost brain development. When selecting fish, look out for those with high mercury levels and avoid them. Salmon is ideal and easy to prepare. Make sure salmon fillets for your kid are paired with other dishes they love.

7) Lean Red Meat 
Red meat is a source of protein. It contains iron and zinc. Read meet offers nutrients that help muscular development. When preparing, thoroughly cook the meat. Choose the best method that you would like to use but avoid deep or shallow frying with oil. For younger kids, make sure that the meat is boneless or well minced before feeding them.

super food 8) Oats 
Oats are rich in fiber. They are digested slowly so your kid will still feel fuller even after some hours. It is best served as breakfast. Boil your oats and add milk to complete your oatmeal. It is also rich in iron. One of my son’t favorite super foods.

9) Avocados 
They are full of healthy fats. They can be eaten at any time or you can make salsa with avocados to accompany the main meal. They are a high source of protein and keep your kid full for hours.

10) Fruits 
Fruits are full of so many benefits. Kids love candy and fruits are candy from nature. Encourage your kids to eat lots of fruits. Try feeding them at least five different types of fruits in a day. They give energy and help strengthen the immune system. Make fruit juice on hot days and chill it. Your kids will benefit from the nutrients from the fruits as well as quench their thirst.


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