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Top Five Spring Sports For Preschoolers

Spring is one of the best seasons to get children outdoors and play sports. Technology has evolved and changed our lifestyles. Previously, kids used to play outdoors till sunset. But with the availability of smartphones, tablets, and play stations, it’s as if every kid is now an introvert. In fact, most kids including toddlers are contented sitting still during their free time.

But it’s important to get and keep your child on the move. You don’t want them to develop complex diseases while they are still young. Preschoolers are normally at a stage where they can master basic movements. However, they can’t participate in most organized sports because their coordination skills aren’t fully developed yet. To get your preschooler moving, it’s important to introduce them to certain types of sports. Below are five of the best spring sports for preschoolers and the benefits they offer.

spring sports
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1. Baseball and Softball

Children who have well-developed coordination skills can start playing softball from as young as 4 years. Softball and baseball are versatile games that can be played by little girls and boys. These two games are ranked among the most popular sports globally and you can even get your young one to participate in the Little League Team. Baseball and Softball are considered as the top spring sports because they encourage teamwork, hand and eye coordination, balance, and promote physical strength.

2. Swimming

This is one of the best spring sports because thereafter comes summer. Swimming is not only important for physical wellness but also mental wellbeing. It is an enjoyable sport that allows your baby to develop survival and water-safety skills. The ability to engage in water mobility as well as breathing is a vital technique that accelerates the connection between the mind and the body. It tones the muscles, builds strength, promotes balance, and enhances coordination. 

3. Bicycling

Nearly every adult can remember when they first rode a bicycle. You can’t forget at the start when your mom or dad used to hold the back of the bicycle seat as you tried to get balance. And soon after you got real independence, cycling into freedom.

spring sports

Well, bicycling is a fun and thrilling spring sport for any preschooler. Your kid can even start by using a tricycle that’s made of plastic. Physically it’s great for coordination, leg strength, and balance. But you need to put safety measures by making your child doesn’t ride a multi-speed bike or those which have hand brakes. Besides those, ensure that your child doesn’t ride along busy streets and they need to wear a helmet every time they are riding.

4. Track and Field

This is a popular type of institution-based game that can also be practiced after school. Track and Field are suitable for introverted preschoolers because it contains multiple games within one sport. If your child can’t run or jump, they can engage in throw games such as shot put. Track and Field is a versatile spot with lots of gaming options that are suitable for almost every kid.

5. Tumbling

Your baby hasn’t slowed down since they began walking? Well, you can turn your little ones constant movement into some experimental gymnastics. Tumbling is a type of gymnastics that is normally performed without equipment or props. It’s suitable for preschoolers who are highly active, both boys and girls. I am a fan of tumbling because it’s great for physical development and it strengthens the muscles. The fun game which includes handsprings, handstands, flips etc. also encourages coordination, an important aspect that should be encouraged in young children.

While your child is engaging in sports, it’s important that you also get involved. Does the game require any safety equipment, a coach, or needs the application of certain rules? Sports provide kids with a solid competitive edge where they can release stress and engage socially with others. Participating in them isn’t only great for personal development but it also encourages teamwork and leadership all which are important social development skills.

Note: if your child is unsure of the best spring sports for them, you need to walk them through various games. It is also important to encourage them to engage in different sports so as to determine which one suits them. They are not limited to engage in one sport only and they can play two or more as long as they can manage.

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