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Seven Holiday Crafts For Kids

7 Easy Holiday Crafts For Kids

Arts and crafts can be loads of fun for kids during the holiday vacation, and for those of us who are kids at heart. It’s hard for the really little ones to get crafty though. Sure, they’re pretty easy to please, but they don’t have particularly good fine motor control and they don’t think in the same way that adults do, so I might struggle to help them see why gluing things am together or making a bird feeder. Coming up with arts and crafts projects to stimulate toddlers can be difficult, especially now that it’s so much easier to just put on cartoons, but I am here to help and am coming to the rescue with some toddler-friendly craft projects.

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Spin Art

For this activity, I’ll need an old salad spinner, some paper plates, and paint. Put the paper plate into the salad spinner and drop a couple of teaspoons of different color paints onto it. Close the spinner and spin. The result? Multi-colored, stripy spin art. After being done, why not use these paper plates to create a mobile?

Yarn Printing

I’ll need a piece of yarn, paper, paint, and a chopstick. Dip the piece of yarn into the paint color of choice and drop it onto a piece of paper. Use the chopstick to move the piece of yarn around and so create works of art that’ll remind of the abstract expressionist masters. The end result really does look beautiful and besides, making these masterpieces is loads of fun.

Rainbow Sponging

Making rainbows has never been easier. All I’ll need is a sponge, some paper, paint brushes, and paint. Swipe a strip of each rainbow color onto the sponge, turn the sponge onto a piece of paper and move it around.

Squish Painting

This is arguably the easiest one of the lot. Two pieces of paper and some paint is what I’ll need. Take one piece of paper and drop a few blotches of paint onto it. Cover it with the other piece of paper and squish. Take the pieces of paper apart and hey presto, I’ve got two paintings.

Sand Art

No toddler has ever refused the sandpit, to my knowledge, so what best to get them involved with art. It might be best to do this outside. Get some paper or card and some glue like Bostik. Show my toddler how to make patterns on the paper with the glue, and then let them pour sand over it. They’ll be delighted when they blow off the sand and some are left sticking to the paper – it’s like magic! I can get in on the fun by drawing smiley faces, simple pets or even your little family.

Bath Play holiday craft

I am not sure if it counts as arts and crafts, per se, but I do know of a fun game for small children that will make bath time loads more enjoyable for both of us. Pop the toddler in the bath, then whip out an old tray. Spray some shaving foam onto it in little dollops, and mix in food coloring. Let the kid play with the colored foam, making pictures (or just a general mess), giving themselves blue Santa beards, or even playing a learning game where they have to select the right color foam when you ask. When they get it right, they get to put a Santa beard on Mommy!

Let The Toddler Decorate Himself.

Find me a huge piece of paper, get the toddler to lie down on it and trace around their body. That in itself will be quite exciting for them but then start ‘decorating’ the outline. Add hair, buttons, faces. Let your toddler paint or draw and help them stick on buttons or material to make socks, hair, scarves or even clothes. If they’re wearing a red jersey, ask if they want to paint a red jersey on “Paper John,” Mary, or whatever your child’s name is. I guarantee they will want to, and their delighted giggles will keep me happy too. Remember to take a photo of them next to their paper companion.


Try one of these next time you’re stuck at home on a summer vacation and your two years old really doesn’t want or need to watch anymore Thomas the Tank Engine. However, be prepared to have these craft projects into something different to your original plan. That’s totally ok – if ice cream sticks become sword fighting implements rather than a stick man, so be it!

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell

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