Packing Your Hospital Bag: Preparing for Labor and Delivery


The Big Day is just around the corner… well you think so anyway!!!  The reality is no matter your due date, your intended plan or your ideal situation labor can happen at the most inopportune time when you least expect it!  Welcome to parenthood… that never changes.  For most mothers-to-be getting your hospital bag packed and ready can be one of the moments where it finally sets in you are about to be a MOTHER.  But this can also bring about feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

That is why I have put together the complete list of what you need to pack in your hospital bag… takes the anxiety and questioning out of it.  Preparing for baby is overwhelming in and of itself so let’s make this step just a little easier! I recommend having your bag packed around 36-37 weeks.

Here is our list of everything you should have ready and packed in your bag

Paperwork & Documentation

To check into the hospital you will need a picture ID,  your insurance card and any other required hospital paperwork. If your pregnancy is considered high risk you should consider taking any paperwork from your OBGYN that would be pertinent during labor and delivery.

Baby Necessities 

This list could go on forever but luckily the hospital will provide a loft of what baby needs.  The most important thing you need to bring for baby is a CAR SEAT.  Bring 2-3 onesies for baby to wear while in the hospital, a pacifier (if you choose to use one), any special blankets or stuffed animals for baby.  Lastly, many mothers want to bring their baby home in a cute “coming home” outfit- a sweet dress or adorable pants and onesie!  Do not forget socks to keep those little toes warm and a hat for that little head!

Comfortable Clothes & Toiletries 

The hospital will, of course, provide you with a gown for labor and delivery but you may want to bring some of your own items for after the birth.  When packing your own things consider a robe and nightgown (nursing friendly if you are breast feeding).  Bring along some comfortable lounge pants- with elastic or tie waist as you will need something loose while recovering.  A little less glamorous but consider bring maternity pads, nursing pads, nipple cream and chap stick.  Along with your comfy clothes and nursing bras/tanks remember to pack your toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hair ties, headband, deodorant and any other beauty products you may use daily.


Let’s be real here…labor can be long and boring (not to be confused with painless).  Bringing entertainment can be helpful in keeping your mind of the long laboring.  Consider bringing your computer/iPad to watch movies or shows, your phone to keep everyone updated, magazines or a book.  Sometimes mothers like to bring a journal to have their partner keep notes of the labor.  You can include this in a future baby book.  And many bring cameras to document this amazing process and the first few days of your babies life.  Don’t forget your device chargers!

hospital bagFor Dad/Partner

While you and the baby are the focus let’s not forget about your support.  For dad (or partner) pack a change of clothes, toothbrush, deodorant, socks, cell phone with all important numbers, charger, blanket for overnight stays, pillow and maybe a book.

Preparing for baby can be a daunting and vast experience but it should be special and happy!! As your due date approaches you will begin to feel excitement and elation- cherish and relish in those feelings.  Your life is about to change for the BETTER and taking note of all your emotions should be magical.  Being prepared will often times alleviate any nervousness you may feel and getting your hospital bag packed is a great start.


Congratulations Mama!!

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell



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