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Trusting Your Mom Instinct

Being a mom is more about trusting your instincts and guts.After becoming a mom for the first time, I was shocked and mesmerized how some decisions which I made based on instincts were actually the best for my child.Although I wasn’t sure at some points, I still followed my guts. And even years later, I still experience them. As a mom, there are many events that will happen in the course of your child’s life that can make you second guess your choices. But don’t worry, go with your mom instincts! In fact, there is cliché goes like –moms usually know the best.  

 If you have a child,your main job in this life is to be the best mom. This involves knowing and providing for the needs of your child. But there are certain instances where you will need to use your mom instincts to determine what is right or bad for your child. Your child may refuse to feed or their body temperatures might be extremely high. What do you do in any of these instances especially if your child isn’t talking yet? There was a certain instance where I felt my baby was unwell. And even after taking them to a doctor, I was told nothing was wrong.But can you disagree with an expert because your instincts tell you otherwise?Yes! And it turned out that they were sick.    

mom instinct

All mothers have within them generations of deep instinctive mothering. This is a very powerful thing. It’s inborn and self-nurturing.However, we sometimes find it hard to trust our instincts or guts because of self-doubt. It takes time to learn and follow your guts. And over time, you will find yourself relying on it more than ever. So why should you follow your mom instincts?  

Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Mom Instincts 

1.You’re The Best Expert 

One thing about motherhood is that there is no one who is better qualified. As a mother, always believe in yourself. Whatever you are doing, you’re doing it to your best knowledge and abilities. There is no better expert in the upbringing of your child. Besides that, no one is in a better position of knowing them as you do. You know what they like to feed on, what makes them chuckle, when they sleep, and when they are simply not okay.Although people may make you doubt yourself, know you’re the expert who your child needs. 

2.There’s No Right or Wrong 

There is no one better way to parent a child. When it comes to motherhood, there is no any specific blueprint. All you have to do is to make sure that your child’s health and safety are guaranteed. People are going to judge you anyway. Everyone has different morals, ethics, and beliefs. So,what makes theirs right and your wrong? Do not bother yourself about criticism because whatever is right for you doesn’t need to be right for them. 

3.Believe Your First Reaction 

If your child slips and fall or you notice their body temperature is too high and your first reaction is to take them to hospital,trust and go with that. Even if it seems that there is no need for such concerns, believe in yourself. You reacted like that because you are concerned about the well-being of your child. Always believe your first reaction, even if it turns to be just an overreaction. 

mom instinct

4.Motherhood is All About Learning 

Throughout the whole period of nursing your young one, you our knowledge about certain things. Whatever works for other moms isn’t going to work for you. Children are different hence you are going to learn how to take care of your own child in a different and unique way. 

 5.You’re The Best Mom to Your Child 

To your child, you are their only and best mother. There is no one who is better positioned to do better than you and, in their eyes,, you are just so perfect. They will always choose you any day. So you are just doing amazing. Do not let self-doubt and criticism stop you. Whatever needs to be done or whatever decision you make in relation to your child, trust your guts and instincts and follow them.

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