Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer

Summer!! Let’s talk about summer safety…

The sound of kiddos playing at the park, the feel of the sun on your skin and the bursting colors of spring flowers in full bloom.  I am not sure about you but summer is my favorite season.  Everything and everyone is bit more relaxed, the longer days means more family time and the memories made will last a life time.

I remember, when I was a kid, all my favorite activities happened in the summer.  As adults, watching our kiddos, I think we all get a little nostalgic about those ‘dog days of summer’ and we can not help but think about all fun and semi-unsafe things we all used to do. Ha.

But as parents our number one goal is to protect our children.  And even though we were once wild and crazy (hahaha) we want nothing but safety and security for our little ones.  My dad always told me… “do as I say not as I did”


With that in mind here are a few everyday tips and reminders for keeping your kids (and baby) safe this summer.  Whether you are at the neighborhood park, the community swimming pool or taking a family trip keeping your kids safe through it all is always an important piece of summer.

The fact is that common everyday activities tend to be more troublesome in the summer months.  Often times kids (and adults) get so excited about finally getting to be outside after those long winter months that easy the simplest and easiest safety precautions are overlooked.  Some top names in the field has dubbed summer as “trauma season”.  YIKES.   So lets dive in and chat about some basic ways to keep your kiddos out of the doctors office this summer.


A lot of place around the country will experience a significant rise in temperatures and with that can bring heat fatigue and/or over exhaustion due to heat.  We all know that our bodies like to sit around 98.6 degrees (or 37 Celsius) and one of the best ways to keep it right around this temperature is to DRINK LOTS OF WATER.

Keeping hydrated is so important as the temperatures start to rise.  Making sure your kids get enough to drink throughout the day is the best way to prevent heat related trips to the Urgent Care of the doctors office.  If the temps outside are too high, consider keeping your kiddos indoors- especially during the middle of the afternoon as this is normally the hottest part of the day.


“Mama can you go to the park” is the most common phrase in our house.  All day, every day.  Playground are a great way to develop gross motor skills, independence and friendships but over the summer they also become the scene of many accidents.  Kids get excited and forget their limits on the equipment.  Parents, naturally, get to chatting and look away for one minute.  No matter the reason the most important thing to remember at playgrounds is to STAY ALERT AND UNDERSTAND LIMITS. 

Setting boundaries and doing a quick review of all the equipment at the beginning of the summer can prevent a lot of potential playground mishaps!  Let your kiddos what your expectations are and remind them what their skills are.  If they want to try something new encourage them to ask for help before attempting that new cool toy!


Pool is synonymous with summer.  Little ladies in their bikinis splashing in the fountains, toddlers jumping off the pool deck and girls and boys cruising down the water-slide- summer is in full swing.  I have never meet a child who doesn’t LOVE the water and I have never meet a mom who does’t worry about water safety.  KEEPING YOUR EYES ON YOUR KIDS AT ALL TIME is the first step to keeping your kiddos safe at the pool.

If you have littler kids making sure they are in arms reach of you is vitally important.  Talking to kids about water, water safety and appropriate ways to interact with water is the first step in building life long water lovers who are safe.  Also, keep those little ones lathered in sunscreen and/or in UPF swimwear to protect their delicate skin.  Hats and swim shirts are a great way to reduce their skin exposure to the harsh UVA/B rays of the summer.

Summer can and should be FUN.  Super fun.  Creating memories to last a lifetime, seeing your child develop and grow and just enjoying the beauty of our world is really what summer is all about.  No matter the stage of life you are in; newborn, toddler, preschool or big kid keeping your child(ren) safe is easy.  While safety is important to think about it does not need to consume your life!

Live it up!!  Happy Summer!!

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