Having A Boy Or Girl? Fun Ways To Tell

Most expectant moms usually try to predict the baby’s gender before they reach 40 weeks. But even before modernization and the evolution of technology which has led to the use of ultrasound, there were several techniques or mechanisms which were used to predict the gender of an unborn child. Currently, they are known as the Old wives’ tales. They are fun, non-scientific, and predictive methods which you can use to determine if you will be cutting a blue or pink cake and they include:

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1. Food Cravings

Pregnancy comes with lots of cravings. I could go a day without taking my favorite brand of strawberry ice cream. This was a ritual. For most women, the cravings usually fall into two categories: sweet and salty. However, there are those few who normally crave vegetables and fruits. Well, from the old wives’ tales, it is possible to predict the baby’s gender by decoding your cravings. If you are craving sweet foods more than usual this could mean that you are expecting a girl. The converse is true. Salty cravings during pregnancy could be a sign that it’s a boy.

2. The Bump’s Height

This is another favorite from the Old wives’ tales. There are generations of women and men who swear that it is possible to determine a baby’s gender by using the height of the bump. The baby bump height forecasts indicate that a high and tight bump means that you should be prepared for a girl while a low and wide bump means that it’s a boy. Well, these predictions are amusing. So, what if its high and wide baby bump?

3. Morning Sickness

Unfortunately, morning sickness doesn’t discriminate when it comes to gender. I am one of those people who had severe morning sickness and I couldn’t help but ask myself if the human growing in me who is causing all the daily discomforts was a boy or girl. Well, even without an ultrasound, it is normally said that girls usually increase the severity of morning sickness and nausea.

4. Chinese Gender Chart

What I love about the Chinese culture and tradition is that is a solution for almost everything. Do you want to know the gender of your baby without going for an ultrasound? There is a Chinese gender calendar for that. But how does it work?
Historically, this calendar was buried over 700 years ago but it was only discovered recently. To determine the gender of your unborn child, use this chart to find your age when you conceived. After that, follow across to get the month which you conceived the baby and then get the predicted gender. Does this gender chart work? Well, I can’t wait to use it as well.


5. Partner’s Weight Gain

The Old Wives’ tales will never end, especially when it comes to pregnancy. If your partner is also gaining weight like you i.e. the sympathy weight, then that could be a sign that you are expecting a girl. (But who wants to go to the gym and break a sweat when we can just cuddle and gain baby weight together?)

6. Mood Changes

Naturally, pregnancy comes with a lot of mood changes. At this stage, the hormones are fluctuating and there are times when you just feel moody and angry or just happy for no reason. For me, this phase simply outweighed my honeymoon. I was all mushy and mellow and didn’t want to let go of my husband. But the old wives’ also have a baby lore for this. It is said that when you are more mellow and less moody, then it must be a girl. Boys will make you more chilled and moodier.

7. Pregnancy Glow

If you are suffering from skin breakouts and have acne galore, be prepared for a baby girl. As per the pregnancy lore, baby boys will give you a dewy, luscious skin, and hair glow. It is said that the little girls usually steal mommy’s good looks thereby taking away the pregnancy glow.

8. Breast Size

Breast usually enlarges with pregnancy. But like I said above, the Old Wives’ have a say in everything that relates to pregnancy. The old pregnancy lore suggests that if your left boob is smaller than the right one, it’s a girl. The converse indicates that it’s a boy. 

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