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6 Ways For Families To Give Back This Holiday Season

It is that time of the year again and the holiday season upon us! And if there is something I have learned from countless watching The Muppet’s Christmas Carols, there is no better food for the soul than giving to the less fortunate. I mean, as you give thanks for the flu shot you have already received, the roof over your head and all those new delivery apps that have made your shopping life easier through the year, don’t forget to keep the less fortunate at heart.   


Well, as you trim your Christmas tree, bake your Christmas cookies, decorate your house with your favorite Christmas themed menorah and deliver Christmas gifts to your loved ones, here are a few creative ways to remember those who are not as fortunate as you are.  

give back



Clear out your closets, toy boxes,and cabinets and donate what you and your family no longer need. Let’s face it!We all have items in our houses that we no longer use. And what better and effortless way to give back to the less fortunate than donating these items that no longer have space within our household? On this note, ransack your closets for old coats and clothes, go through your kitchen cabinets for canned food you will probably never use and don’t forget to encourage your little kiddies to let go those toys they have already outgrown. You can be pretty sure that there is a child out there who will enjoy them more than you think.


Buy a few toys from your local toy store, wrap them beautifully and donate them to a children’s hospital Honestly,children love toys and I don’t know how much I can stress this point. And even if you don’t have children who can donate their old toys, you can always head out to the nearest toy store and buy a few beautiful trinkets then wrap them nicely and deliver them to a children’s hospital. You can rest assured that pieces of fun will brighten a day of several sick children. And though not necessary, you can add a removable note on the outside to alert the hospital management about the age level of the wrapped gifts. 


Visit your nearest Red Cross as a family, donate blood and you could end up saving a life I am not implying that donating blood throughout the year is not that important. I mean, it is particularly useful during this festive season because as statistics indicate there are more accidents on our roads than ever. Besides, it is a big-hearted way to let someone else enjoy Christmas by saving their lives. 

give back

Adopt a family or help the homeless people by volunteering at shelters, training them how to land jobs and building them houses and give back this season. Most probably you have encountered homeless people suffering in the streets and wondered, “beyond dishing out a dollar or two, how else you could I be of help”? Well, here’s the kicker! There are several ways to help the homeless during this festive season. If you have never tried serving them food in a shelter, it is a perfect way for you and your family to get started. If that’s not your thing, take a step of faith and volunteer yourself to build them temporary homes or even put your expertise and skills into use by training those who are looking to transform their lives by getting jobs.And if you would like to it a notch higher why not adopt a family that is not as privileged as you are and enjoy Christmas together? 


Contact your local authorities and mobilize your community to clean up a local beach, park or any other public facility. This one of my favorite ways to give back. Beautifying your home during this holiday season is as important as cleaning up your local beach, pack or any other public place within your locale.You and your family can achieve this by volunteering to pick up litter and trash in your neighborhood so that everyone can enjoy some fresh Christmas air and environment.


Visit a care facility and spend some time with the elderly who don’t have family members nearby. Statistics indicate that most of the elderly people living in nursing homes do not have family members nearby. Do you what this implies? Well, most probably they will be celebrating Christmas alone. So, why not brighten someone’s face by volunteering a day or two in a nearby nursing home facility.You can rest assured that spending some time with the elderly will brighten their days this festive season.

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Amanda Maxwell 

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