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Best Ideas For A Girls Birthday Parties

25 Theme Ideas for a Girl’s Birthday Party

Girls are cute and lovely. When it comes to their birthday parties too, they are mostly filled with pink, with glitter and glamour. If you are a first-time mum especially, it can be a challenge to come up with the perfect birthday theme for your little angel. You may want to offer a party with a unique twist and interesting event, and what you don’t have is that perfect unique theme. Below, I have provided you with 25 of the most unique themes and ideas for a girl’s birthday party:

girls birthday

1)  Mickey Mouse theme If your little girl loves the cute red and black Mickey Mouse, then give her the party she will live to remember by making this the theme of her party

2)  Bubble Theme Girls love bubbles. Brighten up the venue of her party by having a lot of bubble decorations.

3)  Watermelon Party Watermelons are tasty, healthy and beautiful as well.

4)  The Moana Movie  

5)  The Bird Theme Girls love nature and they will love beautiful birds at their party. You can have bird carvings and decor, as well as colorful feathers.

6)  The Ice-Cream Theme All girls love all different types of ice-cream and chocolate.

7)  The Circus Theme If your princess loves the circus, let her have circus theme for her party!

8)  Rainbow Theme Party Rainbow theme is very colorful and vibrant. It will brighten her day.

9)  Emoji Themed Party Emojis are very popular and she will love them at her party.

10)  The Ocean Themed party If she loves the sea, then this will be the best theme for her.

11)  The Candy Party Spoil her with all types of candy but be careful not to overdo it.

12)  The Movie and Chill Party You can organize a great movie for her and her friends to watch as they chill.

13)  The Great Picnic Theme Organize a big outdoor and invite her friends to join.

14)  The Fruit Festival Theme Fill the party with all types of fruits to make it unforgettable.

15)  The Costume Theme Let her and her friends wear costumes to the party and they will have fun.

16)  The Masked Party Like the costume theme, let them wear masks of their choice.

17)  The Butterfly Theme Party Butterflies offer a naturally beautiful touch to the party.

18)  The Glitter Theme Party Give everything that glitter touch.

19)  The Ballerina Party She will love it if she is into ballerinas.

20)  The Fashion Theme Party Let the girls hold a fashion show at the party.

21)  The Nail and Salon Theme Pamper the angels with a salon experience.

22)  The Camp Night Theme Have her friends come over and spend the night in tents as they tell stories.

23)  The Doll Party Decorate with as many dolls as you can.

24)  The Swim Party Take the girls out for a swim and let them enjoy.

25) Garden Fairy Theme 

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!  Hope you found one idea for your little girls birthday party!  If you have another great idea for a girls birthday make sure you leave it for us all in the comments.

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell

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