Five Ways To Prepare Your Pet For Baby

Apparently, having a pet around my house was quite an enjoyable venture due to the fact that it assisted me in killing the boredom and appreciating every minute. Many of the times are when we could spend time together doing what we love the most. For instance, my pet was a dog and she demanded a lot of attention that I couldn’t deny her. However, it reached a point in my life whereby a need did arise that required me to shift my attention to other things.  

Mostly, ladies we are fond of owning a pet. So, when I got pregnant, I had to make some changes around the house. Usually, a kid demands attention that limits the time you spend with your pet. In this case, I made many changes during my pregnancy in preparation so that to minimize any chances of my pet resenting my newborn. It’s important to note that, dogs and cats are so sensitive to routines, so training them before the delivery will help curb any aftermath hazards. 

Five Ways to Prepare Your Pet for a Baby 


Basically, based on a saying that states that, “A habit is a disease”, it’s crystal clear that, how you will prepare your dog or a cat during your gestation period will matter a lot. Without further ado let’s look at some of the tips that I used that really worked for me. 

1.  Expose Your Pet To Kids 

Exposing your cat or a dog to kids during this period is very paramount. This will enable it to become used in having kids around. In my case, I invited my relatives and friends who got kids at my place. From my invitee’s kids, my dog familiarized with baby’s odors and sounds and with time it started adoring them. The kids could play, while the small ones could be cleaned and changed diapers in its presence. So, when my infant arrived, my dog was always happy to see him around. This worked for me perfectly.  

2.  Obedience Training 

This is another way that helped me a lot. My dog was some how clumsy, and this was somehow bothering because a didn’t have an assurance that my baby will be safe. Luckily, in my locality, there was a dog trainer who changed this from my dog. In simple terms, I enrolled my dog in an obedience training class where she was trained in good behavior techniques. For instance by uttering words like rop’, tay’ and it’, it helped me to easily control her movements and actions. This protected my kid from any harms that may have occurred from my dog’s carelessness. Normally, training a pet is somehow hard but with time it becomes used. 

3.  Medical Check-Ups For Your Pet. 


For the sake of your infant’s health, ensure your pet’s vaccines are up to date and it’s tick and flea free. During that time, I always ensured I took my dog to a vet. After explaining to the vet, the reason behind my frequent visits, I was advised on the pills to use on my dog around my newborn baby. By doing this, I ensured the environment around my house was always clean and safe.  

4.  Let The Nursery Be For Baby  

As a lady, you know the arrangement of your house quite well. For instance, you can estimate where your infant’s nursery will be and soon. The same applied to me, in our house where my baby’s nursery was to be, I prepared it pretty well. On this spot, I had installed all the necessary requirements and it was a prohibited area for my dog. I had installed a baby gate that only allowed her to monitor the baby’s activities. Also, I established a corner for her where she always stayed. It’s advisable to never leave your baby and your dog alone because anything can happen. 

5.  Desensitizing Your Pet 

Some pets may be sensitive to rough handling on some parts that most kids apply. In this case, she must get comfortable with such touches from the small hands. The places being touched can be on the face, paw pads,ears, mouth, tail or even on the underside of the body. Consequently, I initially started by gently touching these spots and with time she got used.  

Finally, both the pets and the kids are important in our lives and there’s the need to create a bond between the two. Usually, we are endowed with a multitasking capability that we can apply to give attention to both and harmonize the situation.It’s not easy but it’s possible!!!

Until Next Time, 

Amanda Maxwell 

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