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Tips For First Time Dads

Tips for the First Time Dad

Becoming a first time dad is an event that changes your life in many ways. The changes you undergo can feel overwhelming, but if you form a close relationship with your partner, you will navigate the challenge. Fatherhood is not a difficult stage in life, but it’s not that obvious to many. This is why we share with first time dads the tips that will ensure they succeed in the first few weeks as dads.

first time dad

Tips on How First Time Dads Can Bond With Babies 

Become Part of Baby’s Daily Routine

From the first day, new dads should strive to take part in the baby’s daily routine as this encourages bonding. Some of the ways dads could get involved include assisting with diapers, bathing and burping the baby. Taking part in the aforementioned activities gives you a chance to spend quality time with your baby.

Skin to Skin Connections

Skin to skin connections with dad or mom not only helps the newborn to bond with parents, but it also soothes and makes the baby feel better. Making skin connections with your baby helps the baby to know you better by familiarizing with your scent.

Play Together first time dad

Some of the games you can play with your newborn include making silly faces and singing a song for the baby. As a new dad, you can set aside time to play with your baby regularly, whether in the morning or evening after work. As the baby grows, the special bonding time will turn into a routine.

Engage With Baby In Activities That Requires Movement

Babies like movements because while in the womb, they were always moving. Movement soothes babies and they grow to like it. Some movements to help bond with the baby include dancing with the baby, making the baby giggle while you move around, and raising the baby slightly in the air.

Be Proactive

The arrival of a newborn changes the routines of both mom and dad. You should not relax and allow things to unfold on their own. You should be proactive by being the one to figure out the easiest way to clean baby bottles, or the most effective way to soothe the baby at night.  6. Strive to be an excellent dad   If you are reading this article, then you are on the right path to being an excellent dad. Awesome dads are self-sacrificing, love their children and actively take part in their lives, even if they are too tiny to realize it.

Tips on How a First Time Dad Can Help His Partner with the Baby 

1. Help Where You Can: After childbirth, women require some time to recover, and breast-feeding is the only task new dads cannot perform. You can assist with changing dippers and bathing the baby, and this will allow your partner to take a break.

2. Take Part in Bottle Duties: After some time, breast-feeding seizes to be the only means of feeding the baby. Fathers can assist by giving babies bottles of formula or expressed milk, and this allows the mom to take a break, and grants the dad an opportunity to bond with the baby.

first time dad 3. Watch Baby at Night: In the first few weeks, newborns are sleepless at night as they try to adapt to their new environment. Taking care of the baby at night by picking the baby from the crib and changing dippers, can give mom the much-needed rest.

4. Help With Household Chores: Helping a new mom with household chores is the most obvious thing a new dad should do. You should never ask a new mother to fix you dinner; instead, you should be the one cooking supper.

5. Remember to Rest: Even heroes need assistance sometimes, and you should accept help when it’s offered; don’t be a martyr. Accept assistance from your family, for example, they could cook and bring a meal, help with laundry and dippers. Most importantly, you should ensure you get enough sleep by not letting a chance to take a nap pass you by.

There is lots of advice out there on how to be a first time dad, but you should remember that the most important person to listen to is your partner. The ideas shared in the article are not exhaustive; feel free to share anything that has worked for you as a new dad.

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