How To Stay Fit This Holiday Season

Holidays are times when fitness is ignored completely. I have noted that most of the people who are keeping fit other times tend to ignore this completely when it’s holiday time. For mothers working their way through a baby phase, this is the time when most lose out. I have realized that in the struggle to regain their old self, most mothers overdo it over this holiday. This should not be the case. Holidays should not be the reason to lose your fitness



You may wonder how staying active or being active with the family enhances fitness. I have made it clear that fitness is not only about exercise. Fitness encompasses many things including psychological satisfaction.Taking a good time with family relaxes the mind and brews satisfaction. Quality time with family encompasses playing games with the family. Those simple games matter when it comes to fitness. Your body will be engaged for fitness and family ties improved. Happiness boosts fitness.   


This is a festive season and eating is another serious activity that we do. I have no problem with eating. What we are eating is what matter most. For example, how much cholesterol are we eating? How much junk food are we eating? That what I consider first then amount. Overeating is also a common phenomenon during the festivities of the holiday. For a mom who is regaining her original shape and size, check against overeating. A single cookie a day is all I can recommend. More than a single one, you are compromising fitness.     


The festivities might take you deep into the night. Travels,outings, and visits should not interfere with your sleeping. Failure to get quality sleep is a disease by itself. To maintain your fitness levels or to get fit again, check your sleeping. Failure to get enough sleep affects your body systems as a whole. Drowsiness, breathing changes and circulation aspects might hamper your fitness. Sleep enough, sweat and relax your mind. Keeping your mind and your body dog tired from dancing and partying makes you seriously unfit.     



I have noted that those people who exercise frequently tend to forget it during the holidays. There is the reason why you exercise those other days. As a mother, you have exercised before to regain yourself. Why stop now that it’s a holiday? This is the time you need more exercise. Due to the eating pattern change, more exercise is needed during holidays. The power of exercise in fitness matters cannot be underrated. It helps in blood circulation, body relaxation and flexibility, and in getting quality sleep which relaxes the mind. Burn calories, maintain figure and improve blood circulation. All this, for the goodness of your health and fitness.     


Infections are a big setback in the maintenance of fitness.Infections are common during this period. Handshakes, hugs, and kisses might aid the transmission of infections. Mingling with so many people could also make it easy to transfer infections. A sick body can’t attain standard levels of fitness. As much as possible, I would wish that all the preventable infections be prevented. Wash hands when as necessary and avoid undue contacts.     


Holidays mean time with the family, friends, and relatives.Have you considered having time with and for yourself as important? Fitness begins in the mind. Have reflective time and appreciate one or two about yourself.This way, you will be at peace psychologically. Psychological peace and fitness is core in getting and keeping body fitness. As we set time for family and friends, outings and shopping, night outs and vigils, let’s set time for ourselves as well. Time to do what we love and forge way ahead.     


Attaining and retaining fitness requires that we intentionally and consciously plan to make it. Fitness is both physical and mental. I would recommend that you don’t stop the exercises that have been doing. If you haven’t, start now. Avoid junk food, have quality time for yourself and with the family. Do all that brings you joy. Engage with your family in simple games. They help a lot.

Until Next Time, 

Amanda Maxwell 

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