Creative Ways To Document Your Pregnancy

For some women, documenting pregnancy usually starts once they confirm that they are expectant. Who can deny the joy that comes with knowing that a tiny human is growing inside you? Some people even start right by taking pictures of the positive pregnancy kit. Well, this is a great way to begin documentation.

Recording pregnancy is a normal thing. From social media, blogs to YouTube videos, you can witness how various couples choose to record their pregnancy journeys. Taking records of your pregnancy journey is a creative way of saving memories. Documenting by taking notes and photos can also be helpful during subsequent pregnancies. So what are some of the most creative ways to document your pregnancy?

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1. Belly Photography

This is one of the best ways of documenting pregnancy. You can hire a professional photographer or employ the services of a family member or friend. Besides those, it’s possible to take mirror photographs as well as selfies all by yourself. You can schedule the photo sessions into weekly bump photos or daily bump photos which can then be turned into a flip book once the baby arrives. You can make your belly photography unique by wearing the same dress or top over different periods in order to clearly outline how your belly is growing.

2. Journaling

The main goal of writing a pregnancy journal is to capture every emotion. Journaling allows you to document how you feel on certain days and at various stages of pregnancy. It’s a private way of recording exactly how you feel. Although you can use mobile apps or your computer to type the notes, it’s good if you have a handwritten journal. This allows you to “feel” how you are expressing your feelings and you can even share them with others after childbirth. Journaling provides a personal way of connecting with the baby. You can quickly jot down whatever you feel or wish for them.

3. Blogging

Pregnancy blogs are some of the most popular. Blogging is a fun way of documenting your journey as you wait for the arrival of the little one. It’s a platform which you can use to share photos, videos, thoughts, and feelings. Your blog can be open to the public but you also have the option of restricting its access to allow only certain persons. Blogging allows also other people to share their experiences with you through comments and you can actually exchange a few notes and ideas.

4. Pregnancy Keepsakes


When it comes to keepsakes, you can paint your belly or decorate it with natural henna. This is actually a cool and unique way of documenting pregnancy. In addition to that, you can take measurements at various stages and use them to create a great memento. Take a tape measure and mark the ends to record how your tummy is expanding every month.

5. Love Notes

Although the act of writing letters is no longer trendy as it was previously, you can write love notes for your little one. I know that there are many expectant moms who still take time to write a few lines of love notes to their young ones while they are still in the womb. A love note can be a simple thing such as a message telling them how you feel or a story that you would really want them to know. Besides those, it can be a poem. You can compile and store the notes in a box or a special scrapbook. Trust me, your child is going to cherish all these once they are older and they can read.

6. Voice Recordings

With smartphones, it’s actually very easy to document your pregnancy using words rather than writing down. It doesn’t matter where you are because you can take your phone with you wherever you are going. Simply take the voice recordings when anything that relates to your pregnancy happens or crosses your mind. Voice recordings are good because you can add them later to your pictures.

All the above-mentioned techniques offer simple and creative ways of documenting your whole pregnancy. One of the best and worst times in life is the pregnancy phase. You undergo various emotional and physical changes at once. Your whole being goes through some crazy changes. But it’s actually fun to look at all these moments later.

Documenting helps to keep your pregnancy memories alive and you can now clearly understand the changes that you went through as your little human developed inside you. Don’t forget to have a professional maternity shoot on your 3rd trimester. While you are at it, remember to strike a pose and embrace your bump.

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