5 Quick Steps to Be a Confident Mother


If you are anything like me you have second guessed your own parenting decisions at some point. But I tried not to let it worry me too much. I was a strong woman and knew that taking care of a human being will be life altering but I had faith in myself.  But I also knew that it takes a lot of reminders and to go easy on myself… having a baby/kids is tough work!

We have all been unsure of choices when it comes to our children, you question yourself or wonder if we are perpetually making bad choices, and we always wonder “is it normal?”  You are not alone momma… and you are doing a great job.  But here are few quick and easy tips to remember when you are certain you have done it all wrong (which you haven’t).


1. Don’t be so hard yourself!

You need to be patient with yourself, even more so if you are a new mother. You aren’t expected to be a professional within your first few weeks of giving birth. Allow yourself the time you need to become comfortable with your baby. Each baby is different, be patient and let things happen on their own. Your baby will give you clues and it is with those clues you can really start to master this parenting thing!

2. Don’t second guess yourself.

It may not feel like it but you know what’s best for your baby so trust you instinct when making decisions. As a mother you have an intuition for what your little one needs to thrive… your instinct is the best indicator.  Know, with confidence, you are doing what is best for your babe- make the decision and move on.  Do not let doubt cloud your mind.

3. Don’t let others influence you.

Other mothers will always tell you what to do and how to do it. You may think they have done it so they must know better…. but they may not.  Your baby is unique to you and while you have friends and relatives who want to offer advice remember who is the mother! The truth is that your baby is not the same as their baby. Don’t let them change how you raise your baby; you can listen to their advice but you do not need to implement or change anything.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others

This is one of the hardest things to do as a mother- as a women- as a human.  It is almost in our nature to compare.  But doing your very best to avoid the slippery slope of comparison will help you feel more confident in your parenting.  Every body is on their own path and their own trajectory; for weight loss, baby care, appearance, development.  As  the saying goes “You do YOU and I’ll do ME”.  Live your best life momma!!  Not someone elses.

5. Minimize the guilt

Taking care of baby is a lot of work and time consuming. All of a sudden it seems you have another job along with what you already have. So if you haven’t folded the laundry in 3 days or maybe you haven’t made home cooked dinner this week, it is OK!. Do not feel guilty! In six months or six year you will wish these stage of life back… so embrace them and don’t feel guilty.  Learning to be a mother is all consuming- and that is just the way it should be.





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