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7 Things You Need To Do To Baby Proof Your House

7 Ways To Baby Proofing Your Living Space

What do you think is the most emotional yet bright moment in the life of a parent? I think for a father, the moment the tiny infant holds his finger so tightly yet tenderly is the moment when he cries and for a mother the moment when her beloved calls her “mama” for the first time.

To cherish moments like these forever, follow the 7 methods below for baby proofing your house:



baby proofing

  1. Welcome Home:

First things first; congratulations for stepping into the next chapter of your life, so a newcomer in the house. You must be going berserk with all the things that you need to do protect the baby. Well, for starters, wash your hands every time you touch that sweet little marshmallow and keep a hand sanitizer beside her cot. But don’t worry, motherhood is not an overnight affair, every moment spent with your child will be grist to your mill, so it is an ongoing process, you will learn along the way.

  1. The Crib:

Now, don’t go cheap here and buy a used or second-grade crib for the baby. The crib has to be stern and there have to be no loose parts coming out of the whole structure. A baby has skyrocketing curiosity and wants to touch everything he sees, so ensure that the crib has a soft and fluffy mattress which hides all the wooden parts of the crib where the baby can reach. Never hang anything on top of the crib unless you want the baby to be hypnotized every half an hour by the useless piece of rotating birds harassing the poor thing.

  1. Mountaineering:

The little devil will start to climb out of the crib before you know it and you cannot close the crib from above. Ergo you need to ensure that there is soft matting on the floor of the room where the crib is placed. The baby will try to open drawers once he starts to crawl inside the room, latch the drawers where the baby can reach. Remove any sharp objects from the room and cushion the edges of the furniture, door stoppers, and the bed.

  1. Mama I Can Crawl:

The real work starts here; crawling for your little one is like he/she has got wings and now they can go anywhere. Well, trust me; they do not hesitate to tread on every path they see. You need to install baby gates at the bottom of the stairs and as well as at the top. These gates will inhibit them from taking off down the stairs which otherwise will surely end in a crash landing. Also, remove any objects like paintings or pieces of art and place them somewhere the baby cannot reach them.

  1. The First Bite:

Just when the baby tastes something other than her mother’s milk, he feels cheated and asks “what the hell have I been drinking since the past 3 months, man this is nice”. A taste of something different piques their taste buds and they venture on a mission to try and eat everything that comes in their hands. Here, you need to ensure that there are no loose objects lying around. Ensure the wires are rolled up, the curtains are folded, and there is no unhealthy food lying unattended.

  1. The Living Room Adventures: baby proofing

The next step in baby proofing is to protect them from everything that is kept in your living room. First, hang up the television, cover the fireplace with protective screens and shield the hearths. Also, you need to be present every time the baby is roaming in the lobby area. They won’t listen to your blandishments as they realize the brevity of their situation and must push pull or taste a lot of things located there. Most importantly cover the electrical sockets which are in the baby’s reach.

  1. Some Last-Minute Tips:

Remove the tablecloth, place skid-proof mats outside the bathroom, before the stairs, and screw the bookshelves and side tables to the wall. In addition to these, use stove knobs and refrigerator latches in the kitchen. Hide the harmful liquids like cleaners and detergents and put them where the baby cannot reach them. Examine the whole house for any wobbly objects and safeguard them in time before the infant tries using it to stand up. Lastly, take care of your health too, as an injured mother cannot protect her little one.

Being a mother is never easy; it takes a toll on your mental and physical health. But all the worries and stress vanish after knowing that the love of your life is safe and sound. Because prevention is always better than the cure, so follow the baby proofing tips and be the mother your kid deserves.

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell

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