Baby Proofing: Get Your Kitchen Safe

7 Ways to Baby Proof the Kitchen and Keep the Baby Safe

The kitchen is not the safest place for children to be in. That is why it is important to find ways to baby proof it. There are so many ways that mothers out there use to protect their children from getting hurt in the kitchen. Below are the 7 ways to baby proof your kitchen and keep your baby safe. I have written this from a personal perspective because it has and is still working for me.


  1. Secure and Lock All Drawers and Cabinets Whether I am in the kitchen or not, I have made it a habit of locking all the drawers and cabinets. This includes the ones that are empty. In addition to protecting the baby’s fingers from being crushed by cabinet doors, it also saves precious time spent looking for little but important items that kids love to stuff into open drawers.
  2. Baby Proof Your Stove This is an immediate priority in the mission to totally baby proof the kitchen. Kids love to help mom make dinner and it’s actually something I look forward to every day I get home from work. However, I always make sure to use rear hot plates to cook so that the front ones always remain cold. Another way of protecting baby is to turn pan and pot handles away from the edge and where the baby might extend a hand to pull them down. I also use knob covers to keep baby’s hands from turning the knobs.
  3. Cover all Power Outlets Outlets pose grave danger to babies because they cannot just resist poking their tiny fingers in the outlet holes. For this, I bought baby proof outlet plugs that cover the ones that I am not using. These plugs are affordable so it is quite easy to buy enough for the whole house.
  4. Make Use of High Places I remember when I was a new mom, my friends couldn’t stop insisting that I should add extra top cabinets. I would then use them to store everything in the kitchen that I did not want close to the baby. I still use top cabinets to store cleaning supplies, spices and most of my cutlery. I also ensure that there are no hanging edges of towels on the counter top. Babies like to pull down hanging edges either trying to support themselves or just trying to see what’s on the other side that they cannot
  5. Don’t Forget the Trashcan Babies love playing with the trash can. It is even worse if there is a dog in the house because trashcan time is one of the times when baby and pet come together in the most destructive partnership of all. To avoid this, I bought a trash can that has a latch. It prevents the baby from opening the trash can to inspect its contents. Baby proofing the trash can also prevent other problems like ingestion of dirt. I have not had to put my trash can into a cabinet because I noticed that as long as it is locked, my baby loses interest in it.
  6. Unplug All Appliances The fact that I use the blender very much almost gets me forgetting to unplug it. It was not until I saw my friend’s little but cheeky son pull down a blender from the counter top. He was lucky that it was turned off, and empty. Since that day, I have always turned off and unplugged all kitchen appliances if they are not in use. Apart from preventing children from playing with the cords, it also discourages them from trying to operate them when you step into the bathroom.
  7. Keep Away All Plastic Bags I dread the thought of a child suffocating while trying to get a plastic bag off his/her head. They seem to love to use plastic shopping bags like hats. I, however, refuse to even think about it. To make sure there are no plastic shopping bags anywhere in the kitchen, all of them go right to the garbage immediately I am done unpacking. It is also very important to teach the kids that plastic bags are not items to play with.

BONUS: Safety Lessons for Your Kid(s)

I have grown to appreciate the value of a mother’s teaching ability. When I learned that it was better to teach my kids about safety rather than expect them to act like adults, it became easier for me to baby proof the entire house. I always start by letting my baby know what is hot, what should not be touched and so on. It is amazing to see how kids remember these little things. In no time, they will not even think about going close to the stove or handling a knife.

Babies are little human beings that love to explore and test whatever they come across. Since this is essential for their development, there’s nothing much that can be done to discourage them. The only wise thing to do is make the environment safe for our beautiful children. So, all the best as you work to baby proof your kitchen. Please also share other ways of baby proofing the kitchen that work for you.

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell

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