5 Tips For A Mom On The Go

5 Tips and Tricks for Every Mom On The Go!

Being a mom on the go is extremely demanding and typically requires you to have 4 arms and 2 heads just to get through the day. Unfortunately evolution has not been in our favor since we are still stuck with 2 arms and one brain… yet we manage! And we manage with the help of tips to keep us on our toes and ready for anything life – or baby- throws at us!

Here are six tips that I use each day to help me survive with my preschooler.  As a mom on the go whether it be to summer camp, swim lessons, school, errands, play dates, summer travel we are always out the door in a hurry.  Keeping myself organized (as best I can) and keeping my kiddo happy make for a better day!!

I rounded up my top tips and tricks for the mom on the go.  Good for any age kiddo- birth to preschoolers!

Tip 1: Create a Weekly Plan on Sundays

This is the most important tip I will share.  Over the years I have found that sitting down on a Sunday afternoon and planning my week out- as best as I can- has helped me remain organized and productive throughout the week.  I know there will be things that arise, that weren’t on the plan, but having a general overview of what the week entails, what tasks/errands/to-do list items I need to accomplish really helps for a smoother more calm week.  If your child is old enough I would even suggest giving them a brief overview so they know what to expect!

Tip 2: Easy Access Container for Healthy Snacks mom on the go

This is a great tip for kiddos who are old enough to get their own snacks- maybe 2.5 years and older!  Having a plastic container in place that is accessible to them stocked with healthy snacks can cut down on the time it takes to get out of the house.  You and/or your kiddo can grab and go!  Consider things that have already been pre-packaged (or you can put into baggies beforehand), have some protein in them and that your kiddos love.  My son really likes bars with chocolate chips… I mean duh.

Tip 3: Stock a To-Go Bag!

Always keep extra  diapers in your car.  No but seriously… if you are a new mom this is your diaper bag!  Make sure to keep all the essentials in your bag ready to grab as you cruise out the door.  Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, bottles, sippy cups, formula (if you use it), blankets, pacifiers and snacks!  Make sure to keep all your things handy and ready as well… a wallet, sunglasses and car keys! A mom on the go needs a fully stocked bag ready to snag and head out.

Tip 4: Keep A Baby Carrier Handy

For new moms and mothers with infants this is a must have.  It is so great to be able to be hands free!  Whether you are shopping, going on a walk or even doing stuff around the house having the babe in a carrier can make a huge difference for the mom on the go.  You may never get those four arms you need but having a carrier available can give you back the two arms you already have.

Tip 5: Plan Weekly Meals mom on the go

For me, as a type A person, this is an essential.  On Sunday’s when I am creating my weekly plan I also plan my weekly meals.  This is way I can anticipate what days I have time to cook and what days I need a fast meal.  I also go to the store on Sundays for the week so I am not trying to find the time to go each day.  At times I stock up and do some cooking and put stuff in the freezer for future. This also ensure I get healthy and nutritious meals into my kiddo at least once a day!

Being a mom on the go is a fact of life… being totally overwhelmed and unprepared does not need to be.   Using these five tips can help you get out the door more prepared.  Keep it simple and it can be easy to be that super organized mom on the go!

Have any other great tips?? Share them in the comments and help another mama out!

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell


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