5 Easy Budget Tips for New Moms

Babies are expensive.  Especially if you are a first-time mom.  There are so many products, clothes, gadgets and necessities you think you need that the costs can really start to add up.  Today I am breaking down 5 tips to help cut some of those costs and give you some peace of mind.


Not everything needs to be brand new out of the box.  Sure, brand new stuff is nice but it adds up. Safety equipment should be top of the list for new things, especially a car seat.  But there are so many other items, gadgets and clothes you can get gently used.  Try tapping into some ‘Mommy Facebook’ groups, check out sites like Poshmark or even try Ebay.  Once you get in the grove you can find everything you need.  I have even found new with tags that someone never used and I paid half the price .


Another great way to think about cutting costs for new moms is to purchase products that can be used for many years to come.  A crib that transitions into a toddler bed and then into a twin bed can save you from buying three separate beds.  Instead of a traditional high chair consider an infant/toddler booster seat; baby can sit in and as they get older it transitions to a toddler seat at the table.


Raise your hand if would love to have extra money!!!!  Me, Me, Me.  So when I see a deal that saves me money, gets me something I need for myself or baby and is good quality I pounce on it immediately! There are so many stores and brands that have great sales and deals (Old Navy, Target, Amazon) that it is possible to never have to pay full price for things. Furthermore, when a brand is offering me a steal  (like free shipping or a free product) I on something I need you can rest assure I am first in line to order it.


The simpler the better.  Especially for new mom’s.  You can drive yourself crazy trying to make sure you have all the latest and greatest for baby BUT I would say you will likely use only a quarter of all that stuff.  Make sure you have the essentials but then chill out and think simple.  Life with kids is CRAZY enough that you do no need all the extra bells and whistles and hottest gadgets.  Three bibs is enough, you do not need 15.  One set of blocks is perfect why clutter your life with nineteen different sets.


 Diapers.  Wipes.  Formula (if you use it).  Get a lot and get it often.  When you see diapers on sale buy them; even if you just bought them two days ago.  You will use them and you can save some money today.  Wipes; buy them all!!  Even when you child moves out of diapers you will use wipes.  Messy faces, paint on the wall, keep some in your car, add some to your purse… get all the wipes you can.

Feeling Totally Overwhelmed???  Not to worry!!

To help you see how easy it is to use these quick tips for budgeting here is a great deal for you to snag!!!  This baby carrier retails at $70 and you can get it for FREE when you pay shipping and handling.

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Four Great Colors
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Capitalize on Deals.  Think Simple. Buy Multi-Age Products

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