5 Common questions about feeding


Fear not for we are here to answer the 5 most common questions pediatricians are asked regarding infant feeding.

  • 1. Is my baby allowed to sleep through the night if they are able to? A baby sleeping through the entire night sounds like a dream come true! The first few weeks of the baby’s life are important for gaining weight. That means that it is crucial to feed them every 2-3 hours. So if you have a miracle baby that sleeps for longer that 2-3 hours at a time you might want to consider a night feed.
  • 2. Is my baby getting enough to eat? Babies naturally lose about 1/10 of their birth weight in the first few days, this is normal and no reason to panic at all. If after a few weeks they have returned to their birth weight it is a good sign that they are getting enough to eat. Another thing to look for is if they have a least 4-6 dirty diapers a day, this is a good indication that they are well hydrated and fed!
  • 3. Will introducing my baby to the bottle confuse them and cause them not to eat? A bottle is much easier for the baby to drink from compared to breastfeeding, it involves less work for them and provides more flow. Ideally the transition should be slowly. The sudden change can cause some confusion so in order to prevent that it is best to make the baby have bottle feeding from another person, in most cases the father (if possible) or change slightly the feeding routine.
  • 4. How do I know when my baby is hungry? This is probably the most common question every mother has but is too embarrassed to ask. Don’t be embarrassed! you need to ask questions about any of your concerns. Crying is the best indicator if they are hungry, you can also look for smacking lips, sucking on their tongue or hands, rooting on the chest, or fidgeting or squirming. All of these are usually a tell tale sign they are ready to be fed.
  • 5. Is green poop normal? Yes! The reason for this green poop is that the baby is transitioning from what was ingested in the uterus to breast milk or formula. Formula fed babies can have tan, yellow, brown, or green poop, and will often poop more frequently.So now that we have answered those main questions that have been on your mind you can go back to relaxing… (YA RIGHT).


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