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Morning Sickness: What You Need To Know To Feel Better

Dealing With Morning Sickness

I bet everybody promised you pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. And in retrospective looking at the big picture I am pretty certain most mothers will agree. Nevertheless, there will be moments, especially in the first three months, expectant mothers may think to themselves: What on earth have I got myself into?

morning sickness


First of all, you are not alone. And you should not have any qualms about taking your pregnancy on as a joint venture – involve your environment in your pregnancy!  That doesn’t mean you have to put everybody around you on red alert for nine months. Just make it a habit right from the start to share how you feel with the people surrounding you.  In the beginning you may feel on cloud nine and it is very important to share those feelings of joy and anticipation with them. It may even be a good way to build a bit of credit for the time to come when you really are going to need their love and support every once in a while.


Some of us may start to feel queasy as soon as four weeks into pregnancy. I was in my sixth week when it hit me – and it hit me bad. I felt so bad that if anyone had told me something was seriously wrong with me and my baby, I would have taken it to heart.

Man, was I sick!

The moment I got out of bed I had to make a run for it.  Only after a couple of times of vomiting my heart out in the bathroom, it hit me: I should take it more easy!  I should allow myself more time to wake up, and not get out of bed in a hurry. That aha moment really was my first little victory in my quest to overcome the Wave, usually referred to as Morning Sickness. It helped enormously.  My next discovery was nibbling…


I discovered that having something at my bedside I could nibble before actually getting up, helps a great deal in the fight against sickness. As a matter of fact, nibbling one’s way through the morning is the way to go. Avoid nibbling and drinking at the same time though. At least, with me that does not work. Try to keep your hydration level up to scratch during the intervals in between nibbling sessions. Nibbles may even be salty or cheesy, if that makes you want to drink.

Anyway, it is imperative to maintain yourself hydrated.  No need to say, I suppose, alcohol is a big no-no. As to nibbles, it may even be tasteless crackers you keep on your bed side table – it doesn’t matter, as long as you have something to nibble on. And take your time! If you are used to getting up at 7 o’clock set your alarm at 6 o’clock in order to have plenty of time to go through all the slow(!) moves – easy does it!  morning sickness


Tasteless crackers’ I just mentioned. I might just as well have said odorless’, as your sense of smell during the weeks of Morning Sickness is at an all-time high – you easily smell out a rat in Tokyo.  That’s where the help and support from your environment becomes pivotal. Ask your loved ones to, please, please, avoid to please you with lovely smells, like aftershave lotion or freshly baked croissants. Even a well-meant morning kiss can bring on the uneasiness’.

What helped me to fight off queasiness brought on by odors was.. lemon – believe it or not. For me it was an absolute panacea. I made sure to always have a bottle of lemon extract with me.  My sister, by the way, swears by fresh rosemary. Well, whatever works for you, I suppose. Ginger seems to do the trick for some as well. And when the smell of something cooking in the kitchen hits your nostrils your sickness may really hit the fan. Therefore, avoid hot meals as much as you can. I know I did. I kept nibbling. Even before going to bed, as nibbling before bedtime may well level your blood sugar through the night.


And try to take your mind of your feelings of queasiness. If you can stomach it, try some exercise. For some a walk of 20 minutes makes all the difference. What really worked well for me was a good read or a crossword.  Be careful with television or computer screens – your eyes are made for adjusting to different distances continually! A static use of your eyes by staring at a screen for a long time in a row, won’t do your feeling of queasiness any good. Watch television if you like or use your computer – just make sure to look around you every once in a while, or get some shuteye for a couple of seconds.


For me – and I believe that goes for most pregnant women – the worst were the 8th and 9th week. All the tactics did not seem to work as well as they did before. I felt I had to do something really drastic.  I had heard that many feel relief by taking multivitamins like PregEase – delicious, chewable tablets. It worked miracles. I personally swear, however, by Preggy Pops, especially the sour lemon ones.

Man, are they great! My sister – yes, her again – claims what worked best for her are those Sea Bands. Don’t know if you know them. They are wristbands that use acupressure to fight off nausea. I never used them myself. But, hey, if they work for my sister, they are well worth a try for those who don’t find relief with Preggy Pops or PregEase.

Taking Vitamin B6 on a daily basis has been shown to help as well. Or taking drops that go by the name Nip the Nausea.  But, hey, if those products don’t help you, please make sure to see a doctor – you may need prescription medications.


And now for the good news: after the 12th week of pregnancy Morning Sickness tends to ease off, and queasiness soon becomes a distant memory in one of the most beautiful experiences in life: pregnancy.  Enjoy the ride!

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell


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