Best Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

The Complete List Of Birthday Ideas For Boys


  1. Ninja: Boys love this character and such a theme is good for them. I preset the room with ninja figurines and related articles.
  2. LEGO party: Bring the entire set. Cake shows lego pieces and articles.
  3. LEGO-Ninja combo: Ingeniously combine the two to have both sides for a doubly enchanting theme.
  4. Safari: Set up a safari-themed birthday party for the boys. Photos, animal sculptors, souvenirs and songs/videos from Africa will do the trick.
  5. Tropical Island: Think of a remote tropical island in the mighty oceans. I will set a theme that evokes the imagination and memories. Have palm-like “trees” and objects. Blue for the ocean gives a perfect background.
  6. Military: Military colors, fatigues, and toys will spruce up a birthday party for boys.
  7. A church-based theme for Christians: Bible characters in drawings and videos and Gospel music is good.

8.Boy’s band: I think of a room set with boys’ band things- the guitar, a piano, drum set, and pictures – and good boy’s band music to match.

  1. ICT: Boys are fast on computers. Theme the birthday for the boys with computer images and shapes, games, mobile phones, and telephones.
  2. Jurassic Park: I set the room with images and shapes of dinosaurs and ancient humans and sounds to captivate the boys.
  3. Solar system: bring planets, moons, sun, and stars to the birthday party for the boys. Get a big model with rocks to portray this theme.
  4. Moon: Arrange a theme of astronauts, rockets, stars, some rocks, and moon. The boys put on a “space suit” and there’s a rocket-shaped cake topped with moon and astronauts’ shapes.
  5. Classroom: Give the party a classroom feel in the arrangement, colors, and engagement of the boys.
  6. Football: Boys love football. Set the room like a football pitch with ball shapes and pictures of football stars.
  7. Race car: Cars fascinate boys. I have a cake in the shape of a car or wheels with driver figurines, table laid out like a race-track and pictures of cars and drivers.
  8. Pets: set the venue to reflect pets that boys love; dogs, cats, and parrots.
  9. Tea party: Dress the boys in civil clothes with caps and bow ties. Cups of tea and cakes make the round.
  10. Robin Hood: The story of Robin Hood excites boys. Set the room with antique-looking colors and shapes, the famous Robin Hood stave and pirates.
  11. Antarctica: Who likes the freezing cold? Boys will dare. Everything is set in ice white.
  12. Science-fiction: There are other science fiction themes like life on Mars. The venue will have green human-like shapes with two small antennae.
  13. Comic/cartoon theme: I choose one popular comic/cartoon character like Spiderman and Scooby doo and theme the birthday party for the boys to reflect that character: signature color and clothes, his/her antics and associated sounds.
  14. Knight: This theme of a medieval knight clad in his iron attire is good for a party for the boys. Mimic on the cake, table, walls and a short movie the knight riding his stately horse.
  15. Monarch: Arrange the setup to reflect a palace. The cake will be castle-shaped. The food and drinks will be kingly.
  16. Sea creature: Leviathan, mermaid, whale or shark. Set the venue to show the sea creatures and the sea in the background.
  17. Family: Have the guests take roles as a family. Set the entire venue, food, and cake in a family outlook.

Happy Birthday!! Hoping you enjoy the birthday celebrations no matter the theme!  If you have a unique original birthday idea please share below!!

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell

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