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15 Gender Reveal Party Theme Ideas

15 ideas for the gender reveal party

Having a baby is one of the best things that could happen in your life. Believe me, I was the happiest person in the world when I hold my daughter in my arms for the first time. From pregnancy to delivery, I and my husband did everything the best way possible. Apart from occasional discomfort, we were enjoying the whole period. When it was the time for the gender reveal we wanted to do it in a different way and we started looking for ideas. We went through a lot of blogs and websites, most of them had boring and very expensive ideas but some of the ideas were good and practical. So here are some of the ideas that we felt decent and practical.

Of course, you have to build upon these ideas and make your party unique. How we did it? I will reveal it in the end.

gender reveal

Confetti cannons

Provide everyone with confetti cannons and ask them to pop it at the same time. You can use cannons with pink color confetti for a girl and blue color confetti for the boy. Make sure to get the bigger cannons as the smaller ones are not effective if you want to have a color photograph of the reveal.

Gender Reveal Volcano

This is something you can do it yourself and are not commonly opted one. Here you can use a glass vase or something of that sort and cover it with some salt dough to make it look like a volcano. You can also paint it after drying to have a better look. Add colored (pink or red for girl and blue for boy) vinegar and a squirt of dish soap to the vase. Make small sachets of baking soda in 1-ply toilet paper. When it’s time to reveal the gender ask any of the kids around to put the sachet into the vase. Form in the color of the vinegar will come out to reveal the gender.

Bubblegum Reveal

I loved this but it is suitable only for photo reveal, card reveal and social media announcement. You can get a pair of blue and pink bubble gum and make a bubble by sitting near a nice background. Or you both can make a bubble of different color and the person with the appropriate color can pop the other one.


If you are a foodie and would like it to be a part of the reveal, this is the way. Here the cupcakes should be baked with the required color cream or other fillings inside and can be distributed among the guests.

gender revealConfetti Filled Balloons or Boxes

This one of the cheapest ways to reveal the gender. Here balloons are filled with confetti and can be hanged on a tree or even the sealing. At the right time pop the balloon and reveal the gender. If the is the box, you can hang it as well and open it when the time comes. Make sure you fill enough confetti and if you can stand under the balloon or box it will look good in photos.

Nitrogen Balloons

Nitrogen balloons of blue or pink color can be filled in a box placed on the ground. When you open the box the balloons will fly and the gender can beat announced.

High-Intensity Light

It better works with blue. Here you can use high-intensity light to project light to the sky. From the color of the beam, the gender can be identified.

Star Wars Theme

If you are a star war fan. This is the chance to use it. You can arrange a lightsaber of required color. Dress up as your favorite character and use the lightsaber at the time of reveal. You can also decorate the home to match the theme.

Cookies Gender Reveal

Cookies are other cheapest and ready made option available. You can get gender reveal Cookies from the market.

Reveal By Sibling

If your other kid is less the 5, you can use the kid to reveal the gender. Either by using some pluck card or by using a video where the kid reveals it in his/her way.

With Rockets

You can get different color rockets that will burst from the sky. Get the required one and use it to reveal the gender at the end of the party. You can even burst a sequence of then and make it more vibrant.

With Paints gender reveal

You can use paint bombs. Where a small bomb or cracker is placed in a plastic bag with paint and burst it when the time comes. This is only for parties with close friends and relatives.

Using Smoke Machine

You can get a smoke machine for rent and you can use colored smoke for revealing. Make sure that no color lights are turned on while revealing as it may cause a change in the color of the smoke.


Ask every guest to pen down their guess and announce the number of guesses along with the gender of the baby. You can even arrange gifts for correct guessing. Last but the least I will tell you how we announced it.

Sherlock Way

My husband and I are a very big fan of Sherlock Holmes.  So we decided to make it a little bit exciting. What we did is, we placed some clues like a pink collar belt for our dog, pink carpet, pink bed sheet in our bedroom, and many more. When the time for reveal came we told our guests ( only friends and family) that it has been already revealed to them.

 These are some of the cheap yet decent ideas for gender reveal party. But you can always adopt whatever suits you and build upon it to make the party unique.

Until Next Time,

Amanda Maxwell

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