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Immunizations – What They Are & How They Work.

Immunizations – What They Are & How They Work.

Immunizations are a touchy subject these days with lots of people either for or against them. It is very important as a parent to know exactly what they are and how they effect your child.

Immunizations are enforced to protect against severe diseases of all sorts. That includes anything from polio to Measles, The flu to Mumps, It is designed in away to prevent and protect against the spreading of these diseases. These are considered one of the most important parts of well-child checkups.

You can view a 2017 immunization Schedule here

Immunizations are actually made from the bacteria/virus that create certain illnesses. Essentially when these bacteria/viruses are absorbed by the body the immune system then attacks the bacteria and produces antibodies that remain active in the body and ready to fight off the illnesses when exposed.

Immunizations strengthen your child and prepare their body for any severe risks these diseases can have on them.

By preventing disease from spreading, over time the need for immunization may be redundant and these diseases could be eliminated all together.


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