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Breastfeeding versus formula feeding

Breastfeeding versus formula feeding

Breastfeeding versus formula feeding

When I had my first baby I was mixed with choices, the choice of whether to breastfeed or formula feed was the hardest I ever made. Eventually I settled for breastfeeding, for the first few days it was so challenging I almost gave up luckily I got encouragement from family and friends to hold on. On the fourth day I got used to it and breastfeeding moments with my child became my most cherished moments. If I was to do it all over again under the sun, I would choose breastfeeding.

Health professionals encourage mothers to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months and then continue breastfeeding with other foods until the baby is one year or older depending on the preference of the mother. On the other hand formula feeding can also be done in case you have any health issues that can prevent you from breastfeeding. Career mothers are taking the formula feeding option because they need time to focus on their careers. Either way, bottle fed babies and formula fed babies both turn out well. The choice of feeding method totally lies on the mother.

Breastfeeding advantages are numerous,

1. You can save money that could have otherwise been used to buy baby formula.

2. It helps in the uterine contraction returning you to your non pregnant size sooner.

3. You create a special bond with your baby which is important for the baby’s emotional wellbeing.

4. Breast milk is very nutritious and easily digested by the baby’s fragile digestive system resulting in fewer or no cases of diarrhea

5. The breast milk is also known to strengthen or boost the infant’s immunity against diseases.

6. Breastfeeding also protects the mother’s health, as their chances of getting ovarian cancers and breast cancer is diminished.

The biggest challenge in breast feeding is whether the mother has enough milk to satisfy the baby. This can be solved by the mother eating a healthy diet. The breasts may also become sore and tender and this can hurt a lot during the first week of breastfeeding.

Formula feeding also has its advantages; it is more nutritious compared to cow’s milk. It also allows for both parents to bond with the baby. When you formula feed your baby, you can create a fixed schedule for your baby so that other family members or care givers can feed your baby if you are not around.

The challenge of bottle feeding is that the formula does not provide as much nutrients as breast milk ant it lacks antibodies. The formula also needs proper preparation and is not conveniently available like breast milk which is available at all times while at the right temperature.

Whatever the choice a mother makes whether personal or in the public, people are bound to criticize some say you cannot breastfeed in public and when some spot you bottle feeding your baby, they start talking about how your denying your baby natures best food. Make an informed choice and ditch any guilt you may have because you know what is best for you and your baby.

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