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6 Hacks For Mom’s On The Go

6 Hacks For Mom’s On The Go


Being a mom on the go is extremely demanding and typically requires you to have 4 arms and 2 heads just to get through the day.

Unfortunately evolution has not been in the favor of moms constantly on the go, since we are still stuck here with only 2 arms and one brain to tackle each day… yet we manage!

Here are 6 hacks every mother on the go needs to know in order to survive….

  • #1 – Create an easy access container with healthy snacks and goodies so when you are in a rush to leave the house but need something on the go, you don’t have to think what, just open the container or that drawer. Even the kids can help out but picking something that they can eat in the car or while waiting for that appointment.
  • #2 – Keys!! – Where have I placed my keys?? Create a spot, could be a hook behind the door or a tray on the entrance table. Make it a habit to always place the keys at the exact same spot.
  • #3 – Make ahead meals and freeze them. You can find some cool ideas on Pinterest or Youtube how to make big portion freezable meals or even snacks. Put them in portion size ready to take out to defreeze or grab on the go to eat later.
  • #4 – Make a weekly to do list for each day. Then every morning check out your to do list so you save time from driving to the same location twice or passing by the same street…again!
  • #5 – WET WIPES!! Make sure you have a pack of wet wipes in your bag or in your car, because for sure at one time you will need them.
  • #6– Baby Carriers… these are literally life saving for any mother out there with only two hands. They are absolutely perfect for doing things around the house, running errands, going for walks, basically anything you can think of doing that requires you to NOT have a baby in your arms or attached at the hip at all time, which if you think about it is really every single task you need to do from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed.


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